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Bugler: Communications on climate issues can move public opinion to change policy

ACCCRN Champion Author: Arfiana Khairunnisa, Will Bugler

“Talk more and talk better,” said Will Bugler when he pointed to other practitioners and communicators in the field of climate change resilience.

“As a researcher or a scientist, you can increase the impact of your work by taking your findings to the communities that you feature in your research,” he continues.

Urban resilience in a land of flood and drought, a tale of three cities: Chennai, Indore & Surat

Stories from the field Author: Will Bugler

India has a tempestuous relationship with water. The seasonal monsoon winds drive dramatic changes to the country’s weather systems, blowing in wet weather from the south-west, or dry from the north-east. The rainfall brought by these weather systems does not fall uniformly across the country, with some areas suffering intense droughts, while others experience severe floods. The dualism of overabundance and scarcity of water presents huge challenges for the country’s growing urban population, whose health, homes and livelihoods are increasingly threatened by India’s water woes.

Alexandra, between European and Asian cities

ACCCRN Champion Author: Will Bugler

How can we make our cities more resilient to shocks and stresses? How can we make them more liveable and more accessible? And how can we make them work for the poor and marginalised as well as those who are better off? These are the questions that Alexandra Vogl has been working to find answers to throughout her career. Her work has taken her from urban planning in cities in Eastern Europe, to climate change resilience building in Asia’s burgeoning mega-cities.


Purnomo: In urban planning, history is very important

ACCCRN Champion Author: Will Bugler

Purnomo is Semarang Government Officer and also Chief Resilience Officer (CRO) for 100 Resilient Cities, his knowledge of climate change adaptation and resilience building was cemented by his involvement with the ACCCRN programme in Semarang city.

Climate Change Week 2016: Leadership and innovation for a climate resilient Indonesia

Takeaways Author: Arfiana Khairunnisa, Will Bugler

This article shares some of the challenges that participants of Climate Change Week 2016 encountered during their work, and highlights the solutions that were identified to overcome them. Touching on the themes of ‘leadership’, ‘community innovation’ and ‘knowledge management’ it provides useful lessons for climate resilience practitioners in Indonesia and beyond.