Takeaway Points from the Training On Storm-Resistant Housing Design and Construction in Da Nang

Takeaways Author: Anh Tran

Da Nang is one of the cities that is most affected by climate change in Vietnam because of storm surges and typhoons that take place almost every year. For the past month, ISET and the city of Da Nang organized 11 training sessions on housing design and construction in typhoon-affected areas to explore pathways for scaling up a storm-resilient housing model to the whole city.

Phong Tran: Building storm resistant homes is not enough

ACCCRN Champion Author: Anu Jogesh

Phong realized that a technological approach would be insufficient unless it was accompanied by community engagement. From that point forward he decided to focus his efforts on combining his technical engineering knowledge with social understanding. Phong got formally involved with ACCCRN through ISET and had the opportunity to apply his skills in practice.

Storm Resistant Housing Lessons from Typhoon Nari in 2013

During Typhoon Nari in 2013, a total of US$41 million of damage was inflicted to the city, including over US$4 million of damage to homes. All of the 244 houses that had benefitted from the program survived unscathed.

Please go this link to see the infographic, and please go to this link for the document of the project.