Banjir Kanal Timur in Semarang City and the Problems to Deal With

According to a survey of some parts of the Banjir Kanal Timur (East Flood Canal) area in Semarang City, there are several findings that are considered to be problems. The situation has become difficult because of the rapid urbanization that has the impact of increasing the needs for infrastructure because of the pressure of increasing population and its domino effect on the environment. Some of the visible problems in the area include slums and squatters and the lack of open space.

Underdog Resilience

Stories from the field Author: sarath kt

Sava Bhai, is a 70 year old rag picker from the city of Ahmedabad, India. He picks out garbage thrown to the Sabarmati River and nearby areas and sells the recyclable materials for a living. He is a living proof that even the poorest of the poor can contribute to the protection of earth. Find out about his story through series of black and white images.

Usha Raghupathi: Clean India Campaign is Measure of City Resilience

The Government of India is now focusing on cleaning up the cities. This is an adaptation measure rather than one designed as a programme to deal with climate change. But the focus on sanitation and solid/liquid waste will help build the city resilience from climate change impacts.

Building better lives: Innovative sanitary products and services to help Penjaringan

Stories from the field Author: Arfiana Khairunnisa

For Sugiyanto and his family, water and sanitation are the luxury things they could have in their life. Sugiyanto lives with his family in a neighbourhood called Penjaringan, one of Jakarta’s largest slums in the north of the city. He lives in a 3x4 m2 house with his wife, daughter, and mother. The house does not belong to him; he rents it for IDR 300,000 per month. There is no access to water in houses of that size.