Community-based urban flood and erosion management in Can Tho, Vietnam
Arfiana Khairunnisa
Communications Consultant
April 28, 2016 . 0 min read
Duration : 19:18 | Views : 240 | ISET International | April, 2016

Urbanization in Can Tho has negatively affected rivers and drainage channels through drainage systems. As a result there has been an increased incidence of riverbank erosion, tidal floods, and poor drainage during storms. Drainage system problems are also projected to intensify in the future as a result of climate change. The overall goal of this project will strengthen climate resilience of vulnerable households in suburban areas of Can Tho city through the development of practical mechanisms for community based flood and erosion management. The local community will benefit from this project by improved drainage during the flood season and high tides, less accumulation of pollution and waste in neighborhoods, protection of open vegetated riverbank areas as access routes and green spaces, and reduced risk to health and livelihoods during the flood season.

The video was created by ISET-International, Can Tho Climate Change Coordination Office. Please contact to for reuse permission of this video.

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