To amplify the voices of the people and community initiatives so that they are consistent with the development plan of the city and the nation.



To connect ACCCRN members so they can engage in peer-to-peer learning, meet their needs, and supply them with what they need for collaboration and action.



To give technical assistance to meet the specific needs of ACCCRN members.



To facilitate the implementation and advocacy of activities and initiatives undertaken by ACCCRN members both at the community level and the national level.


Urban Finance | Nicholas Taylor

Thoughts on UCCR and Infrastructure Financing and Cities Following the ACCCRN Learning Forum

During the recent ACCCRN Learning Forum held in the city of Semarang in Indonesia, the challenges of generating, initiating, researching, building, growing, and communicating UCCR were brought into keen focus. The million dollar questions on everybody’s lips at the end of the forum were: so, where do we go from here? And, how do we get there?

Cities | Vikas Desai, Himansshu Bhatt


Humanitarianism and resilience, in the context of urban climate change in Surat, India

This is a true saga of the micro experience of a coastal trade city that was marooned by floods for a record 24 times in last century. It is a story of unknown faces whose resilience and determination to survive and thrive again and whose humanitarianism to help the known and unknown, the rich and poor, has made the city what it is today.

ACCCRN Champion | Elisa Jimenez Alonso


Sasank Vemuri, urban resilience consultant of ADB

Originally from Visakhapatnam in India, Sasank Vemuri’s family moved with him to the U.S. when he was five years old. Later in life his work would take him to Paris, Berlin, Delhi, and now Manila where he works as an urban resilience consultant for the Asian Development Bank.

National Conference on
Date : July 8, 2016
Venue: Juniper Hall, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

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