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August, 2015
The Urban Climate Resilience in Southeast Asia Partnership (UCRSEA) is co-led by the Thailand Environment Institute and the University of Toronto. Together with academic, local government, and civil society partners, the team will refine and apply tools for assessing vulnerability and building...
August, 2015
Author: Meenu Tewari, Zeba Aziz, Mitchell Cook, Amrita Goldar, Indro Ray, Saon Ray, Sahana Roychowdhury, Vidhya Unnikrishnan
This paper reviews the current state of the literature on Indian urbanization to analyze existing urban development trajectories at the state level in order to understand the challenges Indian cities face as well as the opportunities available to them to adopt transformative urban processes that...
August, 2015
Author: Sam Bernard
This paper reviews the approaches taken by multilateral climate funds in the period 2010-2014 to support low-emission and climate-resilient development in developing country cities. It identifies US$842 million in approved climate finance for explicitly urban projects, which equates to just over...
August, 2015
ACCCRN Indonesia created a video that illustrates the importance of responding to climate change impact in Indonesia's cities. As an archipelago, Indonesia is particularly vulnerable to climate change. Through this video, we hope that cities in Indonesia will realise urgent...
July, 2015
The ACCCRN network hosted a webinar by Cristina Rumbaitis Del Rio, Senior Associate Director of the Rockefeller Foundation, who reviewed the various sources of multilateral and bilateral funding for urban climate resilience, their operating modalities, and some of the financing...
July, 2015
US$ 57 trillion is needed for infrastructure development between 2013 - 2030 just to keep up with growth of global GPD, and much of this will be needed by developing economies.Practitioners advocating for inclusive Urban Climate Change Resilience are looking for information about the state...
July, 2015
Author: Helen Scott
The ICLEI-ACCCRN Process underpins the replication phase of the Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network. This case study looks at the process and the results of Shimla which was one of the first cities to be part of the project - to access the document please read more here.
July, 2015
The policy brief is based on the learning that emerged from TERI’s year-long study which looked at the impacts of Sea Level Rise (SLR) and other climate parameters such as storm surges and extreme rainfall on infrastructure and services of coastal cities. Granted by USAID as part of their...
July, 2015
Author: Diane Archer
Attached are the details of a new call for research proposals under IIED’s ACCCRN grant. The call is targeting Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. The focus of this call is on examining the extent to which gender dimensions have been or should be considered in the process of assessing...
June, 2015
Author: Divya Sharma
This detailed city assessment finds relevance at all levels of Guwahati city’s policy and regulatory framework and goes a long way in mainstreaming climate change adaptation in the urban planning process at both the city and state level. Further to this, the endeavour is to work towards...