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April, 2018
South Asia’s urban population grew by 130 million people between 2001 and 2011, and it is forecast to rise by almost 250 million more in the next 15 years. The region has already started to see the economic growth and poverty-reduction benefits associated with...
November, 2017
Author: Tänzler, Dennis; Cochu, Annica; Agster, Rainer et al.
This study includes a comprehensive assessment of the situation of urban climate finance in the three countries of South Africa, Chile and India with a specific focus on the partner cities of the “Cities Fit for Climate Change” (CFCC) project: eThekwini (Durban), Santiago de Chile and...
September, 2017
This presentation was delivered by Dr. Umamaheshwaran Rajsekar at the webinar entitled “City under Rising Temperature” on 8 September 2017. He explores technology options to improve thermal comfort options for low rise high density urban development. Implementation of the projects...
September, 2017
Author: Jim Jarvie
A report to ESPA on behalf of the ACCCRN Network ...
August, 2017
Author: Saon Ray, Meenu Tiwari, Amrita Goldar, Indro Ray, Sahana Roy Chowdhury, Zeba Aziz, Vidhya Unnikrishnan
Adaptation to climate risks is an emerging concern in Indian cities. The evidence generated so far suggests that business as usual is not an option for urban economic resilience in the context of a changing climate.
August, 2017
Author: Alka Bharat
On wining the competition floated by ACCCRN, Indonesia, a research grant of $2,000 was awarded in February 2017. This grant has been used to conduct a scoping study on the interaction between urban, peri-urban and ecosystem services in India, on with the proposal title: “Is an unbuilt area...
June, 2017
This desk review of evidence on ecosystem services and resilience in urbanizing contexts in India supports a scoping study being carried out by a Working Group co-created by ESPA (Ecosystems Services for Poverty Alleviation Directorate) and ACCCRN (Asian Cities, Climate Change Resilience Network)...
May, 2017
Author: Dr. Suresh Kumar Rathi, Vikas Desai, P. Jariwala, H. Desai, A. Naik, A. Joseph
ABSTRACTBackground: Ample information is available on extreme heat associated mortality for few Indian cities, but scant literature is available on effect of temperature on spatial variability of all-cause mortality for coastal cities. Objective: To assess the effect of daily maximum temperature,...
April, 2017
Author: Fiona Marshall, Pritpal Randhawa
In India, peri-urban areas are too often neglected. Many people live in poverty and face increasing marginalisation and food insecurity. Yet peri-urban agriculture could be a major contributor to poverty alleviation and food security.This working paper examines rural-urban transformations in...
February, 2017
The poster highlights the challenges faced in this fiercely contested space, and brings together all essentials needed to conserve peri-urban agriculture and ecosystems for building urban resilience in the context of the city of Gorakhpur, as an example.Please read the blog about this poster...