Phong Tran, Tuan Huu Tran, Anh Tuan Tran

This case study, one of three in the project, focuses on key issues related to housing in Da Nang, Vietnam, and provides insights into the economic and nonfinancial returns of adaptive, resilient shelter designs that take into consideration hazards such as typhoons, flooding, and temperature increases.

Key Points in Brief:

  • Da Nang city is undergoing rapid change.
  • Greater economic resources for construction are not creating safer houses.
  • Housing remains climate vulnerable despite DRR measures.
  • Typhoon safety measures are lacking.
  • Typhoon and extreme rain event intensity is projected to increase.
  • Design competition produced innovative construction models.
  • New home construction remains preferred option.
  • Investment in resilience measures can be cost effective.
  • Policy interventions could address resistance to adopting resilience measures.

Tran, P., Tran, T.H., Tran, A.T., (2014). Sheltering from a gathering storm: Typhoon resilience in Vietnam. Boulder, CO: ISET-International.

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