Sarah Reed, Ana Carolina Ogando, Poonsap Suanmuang Tulaphan, Chidchanok Samantrakul, Pannee Towakulpanich

"Informal Workers in Bangkok: A Scan of Four Occupational Sectors" explores key issues facing street vendors, motorcycle taxi drivers, home-based workers (both sub-contracted and self-employed), and domestic workers in Thailand's capital city.  Findings are based on 11 focus groups with workers and leaders of membership-based organizations. The report examines workers' main activities and markets, barriers to livelihoods and social services such as health care and housing, engagement with city institutions, and social contributions. It concludes that although these informal workers play a critical role in the local economy and urban systems, they remain isolated from city services (home-based and domestic workers) or heavily constrained by current urban policy and law enforcement (street vendors and motorcycle taxi drivers). Opportunities for organizing and improving access to markets and services are explored.

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