Climate change induced temperature rise and increasingly frequent heat waves can lead to adverse impacts, such as reducing workers’ health and productivity and even occupational accidents. The Center for Community Health and Development (COHED) has been working on Protecting Urban Livelihoods from Climate Change - Building Heat Stress Resilience Amongst Da Nang’s Most Vulnerable Workers.

To take a closer look at this issue, ACCCRN Network will conduct a webinar on the theme “Building Heat Stress Resilience in Da Nang, Vietnam”Lisa Buggy, Climate Change Project Advisor of COHED, will share insights into the health impacts threatening urban workers as temperatures rise and heat waves increase in frequency and severity. She will also share how COHED’s project has contributed to a national agenda on heat stress prevention, workplace safety and health with a focus on livelihood protection for vulnerable workers.

The webinar will be held on 30th March 2016 at 2pm – 2.45pm (GMT 7) including discussion. Please register here to join the webinar and please go to this link for the webinar system guidelines.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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