Recognizing the advancement of information and communications technology (ICT) in Indonesia, ACCCRN would like to explore how ICT has played a big role in facilitating communication between the governments, and to gain data that would support city development. Most data generated from citizen using their mobile phones to access applications that aggregate, analyse and feed data to the government or to other stakeholders. Community generated data through ICT has been key to the implementation of the city development plan over the past years (e.g. mobility, disaster, public facility, socioeconomic, etc.).

ACCCRN wants to promote understanding of inclusive community resilience, especially on utilizing community-generated data. ACCCRN will use this discussion opportunity to facilitate knowledge sharing by creating opportunities for people to share their experience or concern from their perspective.

'How data that generated from community could boost up city resilience?'

To find out, participate in a discussion with the Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network (ACCCRN), we will talk about the role of social media in enhancing city resilience. 

Join us on a discussion with:

  • Setiaji - Head of Jakarta Smart City Unit. Setiaji current position is Head of Jakarta Smart City Management Unit. The unit works under Communications, Information and Statistic Department of Jakarta Capital City Government. His unit has accountability to provide updated information about Jakarta and he is managing information through Jakarta's official portals ( and Through his leadership Jakarta Smart City has achieved several international and national awards.
  • Alfan Rodhi - Field Director, Atma Connect. Alfan has been working on education, good governance, and community development projects for over ten years. He has extensive experience working in urban poor communities throughout Indonesia including in Jakarta, Malang, Makassar, and Aceh; in building and managing teams of people for user acquisition; and conducting user interface studies.
  • Jan Ramos Pandia - Head of Public Affairs, QLUE. Ramos previously worked as consultant for BAPPENAS, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Law and Human Rights, and international organizations such as UNDP, The World Bank, DFAT and many others. He earned graduate degree on development studies from University of Auckland.
  • Ismail Fahmi - Founder, Media Kernels Indonesia, creator of Drone Emprit. Ismail Fahmi earned his PhD degree on computational linguistics from University of Groningen in 2009. In the same year, he developed Drone Emprit, a machine learning system that aims to analyse social media in relation to mapping public opinion, hoax, influencer and so on. He is now also a lecturer at Islamic University of Indonesia

The talk is facilitated by Denia Syam, Regional Manager ACCCRN Network. The talk and the Q & A session will follow the presentations.

Date & Time:

Friday, 29 June 2018
06.30PM - 09.30PM
@america, Pacific Place Mall, 3rd Floor

This event is free of charge, see you at the event!

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