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November, 2017
Author: Tänzler, Dennis; Cochu, Annica; Agster, Rainer et al.
This study includes a comprehensive assessment of the situation of urban climate finance in the three countries of South Africa, Chile and India with a specific focus on the partner cities of the “Cities Fit for Climate Change” (CFCC) project: eThekwini (Durban), Santiago de Chile and...
April, 2017
Author: University of Hawaii
In 2016 the University of Hawaii (UH) partnered with Diponegoro University (UNDIP) in a joint studio/practicum project to work on an urban resilience project in collaboration with the Resilience Office of the City of Semarang, Indonesia. The Resilience Office had two core objectives for the...
April, 2017
Author: Jo Santoso
This presentation is presented in ACCCRN Resilience Talk: Linking Cities and Ecosystem, Jakarta, 21 April 2017.  Jo Santoso talked about trans boundary perspective on the nexus of ecosystem management and urban planning, on the context of planning, implementation, and governance system. He...
December, 2015
Author: Gopalakrishna Bhat, Amol Gowande, Karan Shah, Tejas Patel
As Indian cities grow, they face competition and conflicts with other users, resulting in shortages. Climate change exacerbates these conflicts. The case of Latur and other cities is presented to highlight challenges they have to face in this context and to explore options for water...