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June, 2016
Author: Vikas Desai
Global temperature rise has already started shooting its local effects. India witnessed highest temperature records since 2010 and noticeable increase from 2014-2016.  In case of coastal cities like Surat, not only heat but humidity too plays a vital role. Well-being of citizens as well as...
September, 2015
Author: TARU Leading Edge
Integrated Disease Surveillance Project (IDSP) is a decentralized, state-based surveillance program in the country and is intended to detect early warning signals of impending outbreaks, and helps initiate an effective response.
February, 2015
Author: Aniessa Delima Sari, Safrinal Sofaniadi, Rusmadi
On the coast of Java, the city of Semarang faces a multitude of climate-related problems including sea-level rise, flash and tidal floods, subsidence and coastal erosion. Using four case-study villages, this working paper explores how households are coping with the impacts of climate change. How...
October, 2014
This presentation was delivered in Asia Pacific Adaptation Network Forum, 1-3 October 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It explains coastal characteristic of Indonesia that is vulnerable towards climate change. The presentation raised several ACCCRN projects in Semarang as coastal city which...
January, 2014
Author: Mercy Corps Indonesia
This video describes the implementation of a mangrove project in Semarang, Indonesia, that aims to trigger the reestablishment of a mangrove ecosystem for coastal protection. The community's adaptive capacity is strenghtened through the provision of critical climate information and...
January, 2010
The ICCSR outlines Indonesia's strategic vision that places particular emphasis on the challenges emerging in the forestry, energy, industry, transport, agriculture, coastal areas, water, waste and health sectors. The content of the roadmap has been formulated through a rigorous analysis. The...